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New choices make Airfence a practical solution for all Speedway racing.
This is the newly FIM licensed Approved Safety Device; it’s a non-inflatable, practical “set and forget” soft wall barrier for the corners of your speedway or short track. And it’s our safest safety system for speedway too!


Your riders are your greatest asset—protect them!

Do you seriously expect your riders to race with the best safety barriers one week and then to accept a dangerous solid perimeter fence the next?

Do you seriously think riders in lesser leagues need lesser protection? (If yes, then see what your lawyer thinks!)

You can’t afford not to invest in the new Airfence Speedway Safety System. Top levels of safety are now available, affordable and practical.


  • In 3 metre, easy to handle sections, 1.2m high and 0.75m thick!
  • Seamless on the front and easy to undo!
  • Look at the details like the strength and fabric of the kickboard!
  • Look at the vertical front face! Look at its “big banner ready” velcro!
  • Look at the strength of the section fastenings under the front face!


the engineering background:

Airfence has nearly 2 decades of experience in building safety barriers for motorcycle racing. Our products are selected in the top levels of the sport. But we’re not resting on our laurels, look at the facts of the testing of our new barriers. Tested by the FIM back to back with our acclaimed Airfence Speedway –Inflatable Safety System used by the Speedway GP’s, the new Airfence Speedway Safety System proved itself safer in every way. It truly is a new level of safety for your greatest assets!

quality design:

The same quality applies to the inside design too. Each section of Airfence Speedway has multiple air chambers. When any one section, or more, is impacted, the ambient air inside is pressurized (to absorb the impact), transferred to an adjacent chamber and transferred back at a lesser rate to minimize rebound. It’s quickly ready for multiple impacts, the air isn’t released so it doesn’t have to re-inflate.

seamless joins:

As you’ve already seen from the join photos, sections don’t come apart in normal accidents. Accidents are, by definition, unpredictable; sometimes there may be several impacts into a fence. Cheap systems are cheaply joined and sections can come apart on impact. So what happens to the rider who arrives at the barrier after his or someone else’s bike has knocked a join apart? And the constantly inflated bank of barriers has gone flat? None of that with Airfence Speedway, the sections can’t go flat and can’t come apart without the severest of multiple impacts.

real protection at the base:

If you’re reading this you’ve probably seen a few Speedway crashes in your time. You’ve observed that, as often as not, a rider slides into the fence. What stops him going under a safety barrier and into the fence behind it? You’ve probably also noticed by now the strong yet flexible kickboard on Airfence Speedway which does stop a rider going underneath. It also has the right balance of stiffness and flexibility to allow riders to drift the rear wheel into it and get drive off the kickboard. Now that’s exciting racing!

safety through quality of materials and manufacture:

There will be no tearing along sewing lines on Airfence Speedwayl. Instead top quality HF welding is used wherever possible as it strengthens rather than damages the fabric with needle perforations. Heavy duty full panama weave fabric is used on the front, all fabrics have top fire retardancy ratings and highest quality UV stability additives in the PVC. Unique conveyor-belting kickboard, incredibly strong coil style zips, high resilience, polyurethane foam, the list goes on.