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Airfence Bike Evo -High Barriers transform these impact areas by safely decelerating a fallen rider over the depth of the barriers. If riders are likely to impact a solid or semi-solid wall when falling while racing you need to do something about it NOW!


An unprotected wall in an impact zone is an unprotected rider, plain and simple. For motorcycles, karts, snowmobiles and bicycles. Wherever you need a soft wall barrier.


Airfence Bike Evo – High The Next “Evo-lution” of Soft-wall Protection Is Here!

Following on from the Airfence Bike Safety System, Airfence soft-wall safety systems have taken a new leap forward engineering many improvements to release the Airfence Bike Evo – High Safety System for motorcycle road racing and trackdays.

Airfence has been producing highly successful, non-inflatable soft-wall barriers since 1999 called Airfence Bike, but now this new “Evo – lution” sees the application of our accumulated experience since then to produce our safest barriers ever!

More than ever before, real solutions to every day dangerous walls are now practical and affordable.

Airfence Bike Evo – High is:

  • fully FIM approved Type A.
  • safer than ever with many changes and refinements making it more likely than ever that a rider will walk away from an impact.
  • truly “set and forget” safety for the duration of your motorcycle events.
  • stronger and more practical for those handling them on a day to day basis. They are light and easy to move as required.
  • affordable for tracks and clubs alike.
  • made with the best quality materials and processes to ensure outstanding longevity.
  • fully supported by the most experienced manufacturer of soft-wall safety systems for motorcycle racing.

Also this barrier works great in athletic facilities and sports fields